What is a Dank Meme?

Dank meme is a phrase which first surfaced in 2013 on message displays within Reddit that has been assigned to creating parodies of known memes and making a jest of meme culture

Dank is a slang word used to describe very strong marijuana. Also used to portray something extremely good. For instance: Sandra had a dank party the previous night! From the drinks, food, and music, everything was excellent.

Dank is a term occasionally used by hippies and stoners for something of superb quality. For instance. That burrito was really dank, man

Dank meme: an awesome or cool meme.

Occasionally, Dank meme refers to widespread internet content that due to passing trends or overuse, has become a cliche or trite. It can also depict odd memes or something exceptionally unique.

Dank memes Examples

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