What is a Dank Meme?

Dank meme is a phrase which first surfaced in 2013 on message displays within Reddit that has been assigned to creating parodies of known memes and making a jest of meme culture

Dank is a slang word used to describe very strong marijuana. Also used to portray something extremely good. For instance: Sandra had a dank party the previous night! From the drinks, food, and music, everything was excellent.

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Memes about friendship

A lot of people have special friends, or at least a pal- an individual we spend time with, someone who understands us better than others, someone we can call on when we are in need. We all know how integral friendship is and pals play major role as part of our lives.

They make our lives extraordinary and fun filled. Beyond doubts, one of the important uses of getting friends is that you have someone you can rely on, when things become hard, or even chat with when things are moving smoothly.

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30 Best Cat Memes Ever

You can’t deny the fact that a large number of people love cat memes. But some argue that dogs are more popular than cats on the internet; no one denies the fact that cats were ranked number one on the internet for decades.

Currently, over 80 million cats are residing in the US homes, It is estimated that for every dog there are 3 cats. Of all animals on this planet, why are cats regarded as the closest to man? Have you ever thought about why we adore the feline race with so much love?

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30 Dog Memes That Will Make You Laugh


Dogs are amazing. Whether they are barking because they want to stroll, begging for food or greeting you in your arrival, dogs can do things that can make you smile.

Humans often say that dogs are man’s best friend. They are correct! Here are some reasons to back up the claim!

1. They can tell how you feel when they are around you.
2. You feel like a celebrity any time you want to go out.
3.You share fixtures, meals, laughs, food, tears, and clothing, name it….there is no limits as far as both of you are concerned.

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Funny memes – The 100 Funniest Memes of all time!

What is a funny meme?

If you use the internet occasionally or frequently, you must have come across a meme. They have become an essential part of our new online life. Funny memes are pieces of text, videos, and images, etc. They spread quickly, basically with the internet to either make jest or fun of people or to make them laugh.

Why are these memes considered the funniest?

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30 Best Thank You Memes to Share with Friends & Family

Of a truth, there is something magical about the word “thank you.” They indicate our gratitude and conveys our appreciation. It also goes further to show a sign of appreciation to someone who has assisted you or gave you something.

Since for a lot of individuals, expressing our thanks is a day to day occurrence, we seem to make nothing of it, but it has an integral role to play psychologically for both the individual receiving and the one giving.

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30 funny love memes for Him & Her

Has your relationship lasted for long? In the early stages of dating? Just about to fall in love? These memes are lovely for these instances.

What are Love memes?

Love memes are simply pieces of text, videos, images, etc they are used to display a feeling or an experience about a relationship- mostly in an elegant manner. They can also be used to show exaggerated and funny displays to hypothetical and real relationship situations and issues.

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Top 50 school memes

What are school Memes?

School meme can be a video, image, piece of text etc..basically funny in nature that usually relates to experiences in college.. School memes may point to class presentations, homework, friends, examinations, extracurricular activities, romantic crushes or various school related things.
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Top 100 memes about work

Always do what you desire or love, and you will never have to work a day ” is an inspiring and grand quote that we will endeavor to follow. For the time being, till you discover what you will like to pursue as a career, you are most likely stuck with an undesired job and ordered around by a cruel boss, annoying co-workers and little time for yourself. Continue reading “Top 100 memes about work”

What is a Meme?

An internet related meme, widely referred to as just a meme, is a virally passed on social belief or cultural symbol. Wikipedia defines a meme as a concept, activity, a piece of media or catchphrase that is transferred from one individual to another via the internet
A lot of modern memes are captioned image that is meant to be funny, mostly as a way to make a jest of human attitude. Memes can be verbal or videos expression. Some memes possess more substantial and very philosophical content

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