30 Best Cat Memes Ever

You can’t deny the fact that a large number of people love cat memes. But some argue that dogs are more popular than cats on the internet; no one denies the fact that cats were ranked number one on the internet for decades.

Currently, over 80 million cats are residing in the US homes, It is estimated that for every dog there are 3 cats. Of all animals on this planet, why are cats regarded as the closest to man? Have you ever thought about why we adore the feline race with so much love?

These are a few reasons why humans are in love with these feline creatures.

1. They are gorgeous
2. They love us
3. They speak to us
4. They’re chilled

You cat some times does funny things to make you laugh. All they require are a piece of strings, a little few toys, a laser pointer and they can entertain you for hours. A lot of these funny, happy occasions became the memes you see all over the internet.

30 Funny Cat Memes that will make you smile

In the list below, we have summarised the most widespread, wilder, really intriguing cat memes, each far weirder and more fantastic than the previous.